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Experts in: Cerebral plasticity

Belleville, Sylvie


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My research focuses on the study of memory from the viewpoint of cognitive neuropsychology. My work has three main themes: the first examines the effect of focal brain lesions on the components of working memory, in order to better understand its organization. I am also interested in mnesic functioning in other pathologies (e.g. autism, callosotomies). A second theme of my work is characterizing working memory disorders in Alzheimer's-type dementia. In this context I am also interested in mnesic decline in normal elderly subjects. This project will eventually help identify mnesic tasks that can contribute to distinguishing between Alzheimer's-type dementia and normal aging. Lastly, the third theme is the development of tools for evaluating memory and attention that are sensitive and theory-based, for supporting the evaluation work of neuropsychology clinicians.


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Théoret, Hugo


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My research work focuses mainly on the neurophysiology of the motor system. Among other things I study the effects of traumatic brain injury on the integrity of the inhibitory and excitatory intracortical circuits of the primary motor cortex. In addition, I am aiming to better understand the motor mechanisms associated with observing others. The techniques used in my laboratory include transcranial magnetic stimulation, electroencephalography and magnetic-resonance imaging.


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