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Experts in: Visual System

Bakhtiari, Shahab


Professeur adjoint

Shahab's research is centered at the intersection of neuroscience and AI, also known as NeuroAI. Specifically, he examines visual perception and learning in both biological brains and artificial neural networks. He uses deep learning as a computational framework to model learning and perception in the brain, and leverages our understanding of the nervous system to create more biologically-inspired artificial intelligence.


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McKerral, Michelle

MCKERRAL, Michelle

Directrice de département, Professeure titulaire

A few objectives of our research at our electrophysiology and traumatic brain injury impact study laboratory (CRLB-CRIR and CERNEC):

  • The use of visual and cognitive electrophysiology and neuropsychological tests to objectify alterations in brain function and means of recovery after a traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • The study of the effectiveness of cognitive and rehabilitation interventions and the links between brain function, symptomatology and some indicators of post-TBI development, such as ability to work and quality of life

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