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PhD in Psychology - Research

The PhD in Psychology - Research program is intended for students wishing to acquire advanced research skills.

In addition to its general approach, the program allows students to develop specific skills in the field of experimental neuropsychology (cognitive science and neuropsychology option).

  • Fall and winter admission
  • Daytime classes
  • Full-time
  • 90 credits, including 69 for research and thesis


Program streams

General stream

The general stream allows students to design their PhD according to their fields of interest, while developing their research skills.

Cognitive science and neuropsychology option

This option allows students to design their own program aimed at acquiring advanced research skills in the field of experimental neuropsychology.


The PhD (Psychology) program offers no professional training in psychology or clinical training internships. These aspects are included only in the PhD (Psychology - Research and Intervention) and PsyD programs.

Questions about this program?

See our information brochure on graduate programs (in French).

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Program Supervisor : Christian Dagenais

The + of studying Psychology at the Université de Montréal!

  • Our faculty is recognized worldwide. Our professors are very active in research and are currently conducting studies on sexual abuse, teenagers' social development, risk management, workplace behaviour, chronic pain and many other topics.
  • Our test library comprises over 1,000 tests for teaching, internships and research.