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Experts in: Ethnic identity

Cárdenas Mesa, Diana


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I am trained in social psychology, and my research focuses on understanding how individuals develop a sense of "us", a shared social identity. This sense "us" emerges in a wide variety of contexts including in immigrants, in schools among students and staff members, and among the general population. Thus, my first research axis focuses on the process by which social identities develop. I am particularly interested in understanding how individuals manage multiple social identities. This is most evident among migrants, who often manage affiliation and identification with multiple cultural groups.

My second research axis focuses on the consequences of social identity. Having a shared sense of "us" allows individuals to work together with fellow group members towards better outcomes. These include greater social cohesion, better mental health, adopting public health measures, and engaging in collective action. Thus, I seek to better understand why and how social identities matter.

My third research axis seeks to understand when and how societies experience social change, and the way in which societies and individuals adapt to these processes. It is increasingly recognised no society and no group is immune to change, and hence we need to better understand when social change will occur, and how it can be mitigated to protect those who are vulnerable.


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de la Sablonnière, Roxane


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I am interested in the effects of numerous and rapid social changes on individuals. For instance, I have conducted studies in Russia, Mongolia, Kirghizstan, in organizations and with Quebec immigrants. My research interests mainly revolve around questions concerning such concepts as social identity and relative deprivation. I am fascinated by long-term changes in social identity and the integration of multiple, conflicting identities.


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Lasry, Jean-Claude

LASRY, Jean-Claude

Professeur honoraire

Health psychology: Cancer, quality of life and mental health - Consequences on patients and their families of surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments: psychiatric symptoms, marital relations, sexual dysfunctions, social support network, body image, communication, defence mechanisms, etc. Epidemiological study of Quebeckers' mental health: rate of psychiatric disorders in various ethnic groups, by gender, ethnicity, impact of immigration, length of stay, etc.

Intercultural psychology: adaptation of immigrants and ethnic groups from different countries (Haiti, Morocco, Lebanon, Italy, etc.) or of different religions (Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim). Adaptation in psychological, social, professional, psychiatric, family and other terms. Comparative analysis of means of acculturation, family structures, identity processes, discrimination, endogamous and exogamous marriages, etc.


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