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Expert in: Acquired lesions

Lippé, Sarah

LIPPÉ, Sarah

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As adults we are often amazed by how quickly and easily children learn. There are many factors influencing child development. My research program is aimed at better understanding the cerebral mechanisms involved in learning processes in children and infants.

  • Study of cerebral mechanisms for learning in healthy children.
  • Links with normal brain development, sleep/wake cycles, nutrition, family environment, self-regulation by children, etc.

Second, I am interested in the pathologies that sometimes occur at key moments in child development and can be harmful to cerebral, cognitive and emotional development. For instance, I am studying the effects of epilepsy caused by a developmental lesion and epilepsy with no apparent cause.

Investigation methods: neuroimaging (structural and functional), electrophysiology (EEG/MEG), behaviour (eye tracking, neuropsychological tests).


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