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Experts in: Behavioural medecine

Achille, Marie


Directrice, Professeure agrégée

My research interests all focus on the human experience in response to chronic diseases, but above all the treatments and advanced medical technologies used. I am most interested in organ transplantation, and I am working in close co-operation with the kidney and pancreas transplant teams at the CHUM, with whom I have developed a research program in transplant psychology.


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D'Antono, Bianca

D'ANTONO, Bianca

Professeure agrégée

Differences between men and women: role of stress, hostility and autonomic nervous system functions in health and cardiovascular disease; psychological distress and recurring syncopes; risk of hypertension/heart disease/heart attacks, pain sensitivity and clinical impact; psychological or psychophysiological interventions.

Methods used:

Experimental and/or prospective studies with psychosocial interviews, physiological monitoring and blood tests. Ecological validation of data with monitoring of day-to-day behaviour, emotions and/or symptoms.


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