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West, Gregory

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  • Téléphone 514-343-6111 #20436 Pav. PAVILLON MARIE-VICTORIN \ bur. E417
West, Gregory

Expertises de recherche

Elle est basée sur de diverses techniques qui intègrent le IRM, EEG et l’eyetracking.

Champs d'expertise

Publications principales

Selected Publications:

Tiraboschi, G., Fukusima, S., & West, G.L. (in press). A placebo effect causes improved visual attention performance after video game playing. Journal of Cognitive Enhancement. 1-6.

Aumont, E., Blanchette, C., Bohbot, V.D. & West, G.L. (in press). Caudate nucleus dependent navigation strategies are associated with increased risk-taking and set-shifting behaviour. Learning & Memory. 1-8.  

Diarra, M., Zendel, B.R., Benady-Chorney, J., Blanchette, C., Lepore, F., Peretz, I., Belleville, S. & West, G.L. (in press). Playing Super Mario Increases Oculomotor Inhibition and Frontal Eye Field Grey Matter in Older Adults. Experimental Brain Research.   

Aumont, E., Bohbot, V.D., West, G.L. (2018). Spatial learners display enhanced oculomotor performance. Journal of Cognitive Psychology, 30, 872-879.

Blanchette, C., Amirova, J., Bohbot, V.D. & West, G.L. (2018). Autistic Traits in Neurotypical Individuals are Associated with Increased Landmark use During Navigation. PsyCH Journal. DOI: 10.1002/pchj.230

Bjornsdottir, R.T., Yeretsian, S., West, G.L., & Rule, N. O. (2018). When Words Become Borders: Ingroup Favoritism in Perceptions and Mental Representations of Anglo-Canadian and Franco-Canadian Faces. Group Processes & Intergroup Relations.

West, G. L., Konishi, K., Diarra, M., Benady-Chorney, J., Drisdelle, B. L., Dahmani, L., ... & Bohbot, V. D. (2018). Impact of video games on plasticity of the hippocampus. Molecular psychiatry. doi: 10.1038/mp.2017.155. [Epub ahead of print]

West, G.L., Zendel, B.R., Benady-Chorney, J., Konishi, K., Bohbot, V.D., Peretz, I., & Belleville, S. (2017). Playing Super Mario 64 Increases Hippocampal Grey Matter in Older Adults. PLoS One.

Benady-Chorney, J., Yau, Y., Zeighami, Y., Bohbot, V.D. & West, G.L. (2018). Habitual Action Video Game Players Display Increased Cortical Thickness in the Dorsal Anterior Cingulate Cortex. Neuroreport. 

West, G. L., Konishi, K., & Bohbot, V. D. (2017). Video Games and Hippocampus-Dependent Learning. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 26(2), 152-158.

Caplette, L., Wicker, B., Gosselin, F., & West, G. L. (2017). Hand position alters vision by modulating the time course of spatial frequency use. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 146(7), 917.

Drisdelle, B. L., Konishi, K., Diarra, M., Bohbot, V. D., Jolicoeur, P., & West, G. L. (2017). Electrophysiological evidence for enhanced attentional deployment in spatial learners. Experimental brain research, 235(5), 1387-1395.

Morin-Moncet, O., Therrien-Blanchet, J. M., Ferland, M. C., Théoret, H., & West, G. L. (2016). Action video game playing is reflected in enhanced visuomotor performance and increased corticospinal excitability. PLoS one, 11(12), e0169013.

West, G.L. & Lippé, S. (2016). The Development of Inhibitory Saccadic Trajectory Deviations Correlates with Measures of Antisaccadic Inhibition. NeuroReport, 27, 1196-201. 

Drisdelle, B.L., West, G.L. & Jolicoeur, P. (2016). The deployment of visual spatial attention during visual search predicts response time: Electrophysiological evidence from the N2pc. NeuroReport, 27, 1237-42. 

West, G., Drisdelle, B., Konishi, K., Jackson, J., Jolicoeur, P., & Bohbot, V. D. (2015). Habitual Action Video Game Playing is Associated with Caudate Nucleus-Dependent Navigational Strategies. Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 282, 1-9. 

West, G.L., Mendizabal, S., Carrière, M. and Lippé. S. (2014). Linear age-correlated development of inhibitory saccadic trajectory deviations. Developmental Psychology, 50, 2285-90. 

 Caplette, L., West, G.L., Gomot, M., Gosselin, F & Wicker, B. (2014). Affective and contextual values modulate spatial frequency use in object  recognition. Frontiers in  Psychology, 5, 512-520. 

West, G.L., Pratt, J., & Peterson, M. A. (2013). Attention is allocated to near surfaces. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 20, 1213-120.  

West, G. L., Al-Aidroos, N., & Pratt, J. (2013). Action video game experience affects oculomotor performance. Acta psychologica, 142, 38-42. 

Gozli, D. G., West, G. L., & Pratt, J. (2012). Hand position alters vision by biasing processing through different visual pathways. Cognition, 124, 244-250. 

Qian, S., Al-Aidroos, N., West, G.L., Abrams, R.A., & Pratt, J. (2012). The visual P2 is attenuated for objects near the hands. Cognitive Neuroscience, 3, 98-104. 

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