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West, Gregory

Professeur agrégé

Contact :

  • Téléphone 514-343-6111 #20436 Pav. PAVILLON MARIE-VICTORIN \ bur. E417
West, Gregory

Expertises de recherche

Elle est basée sur de diverses techniques qui intègrent le IRM, EEG et l’eyetracking.

Champs d'expertise

Publications principales

Selected Publications:


West, G.L., Zendel, B.R., Benady-Chorney, J., Konishi, K., Bohbot, V.D., Peretz, I., & Belleville, S. (2017). Playing Super Mario 64 Increases Hippocampal Grey Matter in Older Adults. PLOS One.


West, G. L., Konishi, K., Diarra, M., Benady-Chorney, J., Drisdelle, B. L., Dahmani, L., ... & Bohbot, V. D. (2017). Impact of video games on plasticity of the hippocampus. Molecular psychiatry. doi: 10.1038/mp.2017.155.


Benady-Chorney, J., Yau, Y., Zeighami, Y., Bohbot, V.D. & West, G.L. (2017). Habitual Action Video Game Players Display Increased Cortical Thickness in the Dorsal Anterior Cingulate Cortex. Neuroreport.


West, G. L., Konishi, K., & Bohbot, V. D. (2017). Video Games and Hippocampus-Dependent Learning. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 26(2), 152-158.



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Morin-Moncet, O., Therrien-Blanchet, J. M., Ferland, M. C., Théoret, H., & West, G. L. (2016). Action video game playing is reflected in enhanced visuomotor performance and increased corticospinal excitability. PLoS one, 11(12), e0169013.


West, G.L. & Lippé, S. (2016). The Development of Inhibitory Saccadic Trajectory Deviations Correlates with Measures of Antisaccadic Inhibition. NeuroReport, 27, 1196-201.


Drisdelle, B.L., West, G.L. & Jolicoeur, P. (2016). The deployment of visual spatial attention during visual search predicts response time: Electrophysiological evidence from the N2pc. NeuroReport, 27, 1237-42.


West, G., Drisdelle, B., Konishi, K., Jackson, J., Jolicoeur, P., & Bohbot, V. D. (2015). Habitual Action Video Game Playing is Associated with Caudate Nucleus-Dependent Navigational Strategies. Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 282, 1-9.


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West, G. L., Al-Aidroos, N., & Pratt, J. (2013). Action video game experience affects oculomotor performance. Acta psychologica, 142, 38-42.


Gozli, D. G., West, G. L., & Pratt, J. (2012). Hand position alters vision by biasing processing through different visual pathways. Cognition, 124, 244-250.


Qian, S., Al-Aidroos, N., West, G.L., Abrams, R.A., & Pratt, J. (2012). The visual P2 is attenuated for objects near the hands. Cognitive Neuroscience, 3, 98-104.